Car Insurance in FL

Car insurance in FL is a hassle — it’s a hassle to deal with, and it’s a hassle to find, but, at the end of the day, it’s always worth it to put in some time to make sure you hook up with the best provider you can get. This is because that provider will offer you good service, low rates, and a lifelong relationship that you can pass on to your children — and when you do, they’ll usually offer you even better rates than they did initially. Let’s take a look at how to find the best providers in your area, starting with a quote finder such as Progressive, and ending with good road practices to keep your premiums low.

Starting the Search: Google Is Your Best Friend

To start, it’s a good idea to use a quote comparison program, such as, to determine which providers in your area offer the best rates. Obviously, these are just estimates, but it’s still a great place to start! When you have an idea as to which firms will have you pay the least, you can make a list, sorting the firms from lowest priced to highest priced. This will narrow down the number of firms you have to consider from the hundreds to the handful, and that is a great position to be in as a customer comparing quotes. 

Once you’ve done that, it’s a good idea to start talking one-on-one with each company. This way, you can start to see how each quote differs in practice from the estimate you got online. Much of the time, it will be more than you were told, and sometimes, it will be less. It’s these instances of ‘less’ that you should keep track of if you’re lucky enough to spot them. Make a second list based on this information.

And once you have that, ask your friends and your family who have employed that provider before for reviews, if you have friends or family who has done so. This is the best advice you’ll get on the matter, as your personal relations are much less likely to lie to you about how the business operates than the business itself is. Word of mouth is a huge boon, so get it, and trust it.

Keeping Rates Low: The Art of Management

Once you’ve signed up at and got your low rate, be sure to stay as safe as you possibly can on the street. Only loan your car to people whom you trust to treat it well, don’t race, don’t speed, don’t get parking tickets, and be sure that you never need to use your car insurance. This will keep your provider from pushing up your rates, and it will, in some cases, even result in lower rates for you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to have fun on the road, but make sure that fun is legal and safe to make the most of your car insurance in FL.

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