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We are excited to announce a new project, Life in Motion - Everest!

16-year-old Nikolay, 16-year-old Tanya, 17-year-old Zhenya and our group of supporters will hike Mount Everest!! All three teenagers were born with a physical disability and grew up in an orphanage. Their brave hike is meant to inspire everyone, as well as to raise funds for orthopedic treatment for orphans in Russia. The group will hike to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world - to an altitude of 5150 meters (16,896 ft). We encourage you to support the group's efforts to raise awareness for orphans everywhere and help those in need of orthopedic treatment! The funds we raise from the hike will benefit our I Want to Walk program, which funds orthopedic treatment for disabled orphans from Russia. Together we can perfectly demonstrate that, regardless of physical limitations, anyone can achieve the impossible!! 

Today we conquered Kilimanjaro!!! It was very cold and difficult. Lack of oxygen, headaches... Everyone did their best! Sasha Pokhilko, a young man without hands and feet, hiked all the way to the top of Kilimanjaro for the third time! Our new friends, Masha and Dima, at their age of 16 saw the sunrise at the height of more than 16,000 ft! Our team carried the message of hope and awareness for those who are thought of as being disadvantaged by their physical disabilities. They proved that nothing is impossible! See our hike being feature on Russia's top television channel

 Thank you for your support!

Life In Motion Kilimanjaro - 2015

We are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro again! This summer, a group of hikers, including 3 young people with physical disabilities, will conquer the peak of Kilimanjaro. The height of Mount Kilimanjaro is 5,895 meters. Help us raise $5,895. The funds will benefit children with special needs and fulfill their dream of WALKING! Learn More at

Updates from Life in Motion - Kilimanjaro 2015

Today, the team began their ascent to the peak of Africa’s tallest mountain! They successfully reached the first camp, the Mandara Huts. This is what the team wrote: “Yay! We reached the 1st camp. The children were ahead of the group. It is very cold. We are leaving for the second camp soon.” Support them here
Yay! We reached the second camp of Horombo at 3720m. First camp of Marango, 2720 meters above the sea level, is far behind us. We are gathering strength to continue the climb to the next camp. Everybody is alive and healthy 😊 Thank you for everyone’s support.
Leaving for the 3rd camp Kibo. Concurring the height of 4703 m and from here we go straight to the peak of Kilimanjaro at night. The temperature is below 0. We are warming up with hot tea, each other’s optimism and your support!
Step Up Together !

Happy Families International Center (HFIC) was established in 1992 as a group of volunteers to help orphans find appropriate medical care and answer their other needs. Since we became incorporated and licensed in New York state as a non-profit organization, we helped over a thousand children find appropriate treatment, surgeries and homes. Since 2009, HFIC, in partnership with the Artist Foundation in Russia, has been running the “I Want to Walk” program and a project "Life in Motion." These programs are dedicated to allowing orphans, who have missing limbs to get orthopedic treatment, a new life, renewed hope and a brighter future. 

We have organized several unique charity hikes to Mount Kilimanjaro and Everest, which raised funds and awareness for children with disabilities! Learn more about these amazing events!

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